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The focus was on study of the impact of packet loss on quality ratings in a two-party WebRTC-based video communication and indicated that the experienced audio quality was worst in the test scenario which had a packet loss ratio of 20 % and a mean loss burst size of 3.
Table I: Technical specifications Hardware Description Desktops HP Compaq Elite 8100 SFF--Intel[R] Core[TM] i7 Displays HP LP2465 24" 1920 x 1200 (60Hz) Headsets Koss SB45 Webcams Microsoft LifeCam Studio Table II: Controlled variables Controlled Description Levels Variable plr Packet loss ratio 0 (none), 10, 20 mlbs Mean Lost Burst Size 0 (none), 1.5, 3
The burst size of each TBF is assumed to be the packet number that can be transmitted at the average rate over 500ms [28].
Our analysis and numerical study show that the dynamics of the model is largely determined by the viral burst size b and parameters related to the innate immune response.
Caption: Figure 4: One-step growth experiment showing latent phase (21 mins) with burst size (amount of infectious virus produced, per infected cell) of 521 phages and plateau and of the phage SRG1.
The rise period was between 19 and 40 min and the burst size was between 89 and 631 virions per infected cell for all the phages.
In this section, it is assumed that burst sizes increase linearly, equivalent to the case of CBR traffic arriving to the buffer and for which there is no variation in the burst size [L.sub.burst].
There were discards during the whole test session and it is important to consider this: the differences in the quantity of cells discarded, observed between samples resulted from the variation of the cells burst size, and were not the result of large variation in the PCR of the stream.
* The ATM Traffic Descriptor, which specifies traffic parameters, including peak cell rate, sustained cell rate, and maximum burst size for both the forward and backward directions of the SVC connection.
As the delay is also limited, the maximum burst size is relatively low.
In particular, we can note that on the tests performed, this effect becomes more noticeable from a burst size of 15 segments, accentuated when we perform tests by increasing the amount of flows in a common path, which implies greater competition for the bandwidth.
Improvements include:Support for the latest bus interface features including requestor priority support,Doubled memory burst sizes matching the latest system fabrics, memory controllers and memory components,Tuned size plus improved cache efficiency which leads to ~10% reduced bandwidth