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Square feet: 3,000 Floor type: Vinyl composition Labor rate: $4.25 Configuration: Obstructed Task: Buffing Equipment: 20-inch, 2,000-rpm battery-powered burnisher Frequency: Weekly Time required per 1,000 square feet: Six minutes Time required for task: 18 minutes
The Division of Occupational and Radiological Health, VDH, impounded the burnisher and tested its emissions 2 days after the incident.
Petros is depicted handing his inkpot and pen to his pupil Mkrtich, symbolising the transmission of scribal skills to the next generation; two other younger pupils, T'uma and Simeon, are hard at work in the lower register, smoothing out the paper in preparation using heavy flat-bottomed burnishers.
IPC Eagle's line of cleaning equipment includes automatic scrubbers, vacuum sweepers, professional and industrial vacuums, pure water cleaning systems, window cleaning tools, screen washers, burnishers, extractors, pressure washers, microfiber mopping systems and more.
They use floor scrubbers, high-speed burnishers, wet/dry vacuums and respirators, as well as standard cleaning supplies.
The 1891 census showed that almost to a man - this included women - the residents of James Turner Street were employed as smiths, pressers, turners and stampers, chain-makers, moulders, casters, brass workers, solderers, burnishers, polishers, tank-makers, engine fitters, nut and bolt-makers, cycle-makers, core-makers, angle-iron smiths, axle turners, brass tap finishers, machine tool-makers, furnacemen, iron and steel wire drawers, and rule-makers.
Except for a Vandercook letterpress and electricity, the studio looks like something out of ancient times with stone paper beaters, bone burnishers, mineral pigments, brushes, assorted leathers, hand-stitched bindings, and elaborate backstrap-loomed fabrics.
The full Hako range includes 15" to 95" head scrubber driers, manual and ride on sweepers, sub-compact road sweepers, c ommercial vacuum cleaners, single disc polishers and burnishers. In addition, Hako is the only European cleaning machine manufacturer to have the EMAS accreditation, the increasingly influential Environmental Management and Audit Scheme.
The objects in the exhibition come from Iran, Turkey and India, and include reed pens, penknives and maktas, in addition to inkwells, scissors, burnishers, storage boxes and writing tables.
The preference defendant, Howell Electric Motors, had supplied the debtor with the motors and gearboxes that were installed in the debtors standard floor machines and certain burnishers.
Floor maintenance is usually best-achieved by night crews, whose loud and smelly burnishers can be operated without sending shoppers packing.
Burnishers: Burnishers are broaching tools designed to polish rather than cut a hole.