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(bər-nĕt′, bûr′nĭt), Sir (Frank) Macfarlane 1899-1985.
Australian virologist. He shared a 1960 Nobel Prize for his work on acquired immunological tolerance.
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VISITECT CD4, co-developed with the Burnet Institute, is the worlds first instrument-free and affordable rapid test for determining CD4 threshold in people living with HIV.
Burnet Institute Deputy Director (Partnerships) Associate Professor David Anderson said CE-Marking was an important step in the roll out of this small, but potentially lifesaving diagnostic.
Burnets Head of Public Health, Associate Professor Mark Stoov, was also made a Research Fellow for his work focused on real-world trials and innovations in disease surveillance aimed at HIV and hepatitis C elimination.
Burnets Co-Head of Adolescent Health, Dr Peter Azzopardi receives an Early Career Fellowship worth $348,000 for building an evidence base to match health action to need for adolescents globally.
Burnet has adopted a holistic approach patient-centred TB care that aims to reduce the impact of social and emotional issues on TB patients and their families, and enable a cure from TB disease.
This project is led by Burnet Institute and is funded through Australian Aid from the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).