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(bər-nĕt′, bûr′nĭt), Sir (Frank) Macfarlane 1899-1985.
Australian virologist. He shared a 1960 Nobel Prize for his work on acquired immunological tolerance.
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Burnet Institute Deputy Director (Partnerships) Associate Professor David Anderson said CE-Marking was an important step in the roll out of this small, but potentially lifesaving diagnostic.
The Burnet County contaminated ground water plume has originated from an unknown source that released into the Ellenburger-San Saba Aquifer.
Women's experiences of the genocide did not end when the fighting between the warring parties ended; instead, as Burnet shows at length, concerted actions to successively end the wars, to pursue and prosecute extremists and close refugee camps have resulted in a protracted aftermath.
Burnet, who is head of KPMG's financial services team in Scotland, has been with the firm 21 years.
TOP 10 WALES RANKINGS Meadow Brown (4,808 sightings); Gatekeeper (3,777); Ringlet (1,755); Large White (1,646); Small White (1,310); Small Tortoiseshell (1,296); Peacock (1,044); Red Admiral (974); Six-spot Burnet (965); Speckled Wood (731).
The project is funded by the PATH malaria vaccine initiative that will see Burnet use its new technology and ARTES's patented Metavax platform for developing a new type of malaria vaccine.
As Burnet elucidates, nearly four centuries before Starbucks forayed into the shopping centres of Jakarta, or Royal Dutch Shell began exploiting natural gas off the shores of the Indonesian archipelago, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) was trading in pepper, sandalwood, and gold on the docks of colonial Batavia.
Burnet, the author of Genocide Lives in Us, the Rwandan legislature boasts the highest proportion of women members of parliament in the world, 56 percent.
There is a native Sanguisorba officinalis, or great burnet, that we went to film among in a nearby meadow.
The Burnet Institute is trying to uncover who engages in sexting, what type of photos and text are shared, who sends and receives the data, and what motivates people to sext, News.
Agatha Louise Huepen-becker Burnet (former Society regional vice president and Iowa State University chapter president and secretary/treasurer), 81, taught textiles and clothing at Iowa State from 1956 until retirement in 1993, headed the department for two decades, and won numerous school honors.
Light and quirky, with extremely useful nuggets of advice for the older reader" says Tim Richman, from Burnet Media in Cape Town.