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Brief episodes of upper extremity burning, dysesthesias, and weakness experienced mainly by young male athletes engaged in contact sports (for example, football and wrestling); due to transient injury to the upper trunk of the brachial plexus caused by abrupt, forceful depression of the shoulder.
See also: burner syndrome.
Synonym(s): stingers
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Since these geysers have large burners, they consume more gas, the experts say, adding that the wastage of almost 70 per cent gas due to thermal inefficiency of the geysers inflates the gas bills.
(2) Lower than natural gas burners of an equivalent scale
"Our iECO thermal burner can process three tons for every eight to 10 hours with a residue of 15 to 20 kilos of ash that can be included in aggregates for cement in road building.
The world's first 3-D printed burner for an SGT-700 gas turbine has been in operation for one year at E.ON's combined cycle power plant in Philippsthal in the German state of Hessen and the results are impressive.
Here's a simple, doable tip: whenever possible, use the range's back burners more often, turning in the handles away from the edges to avoid accidentally nudging them.
LG Electronics also released a new electric range that is equipped with both induction and radiant burners.
I noticed that the imported hob even with a smaller burner than the locally made hob would cook quickly.
Caption: THIRD: Both burners were raised since they are manufactured as one piece.
If you hear a popping sound, then the burner could be wet from a spillover or from cleaning.
A WOMAN sparked a blaze after following a YouTube craze by pouring fabric softener balls into an aromatherapy oil burner to enhance the smell.
Now, maybe, I am being cynical but are wood burners not used to provide heat because it is cold due to the fact it is winter when days are short, nights long and the weather inclement?
The range of drying and curing systems that are manufactured by CDS fulfils a variety of processing requirements but, in all cases, the role of Lanemark burners is similar.