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Brief episodes of upper extremity burning, dysesthesias, and weakness experienced mainly by young male athletes engaged in contact sports (for example, football and wrestling); due to transient injury to the upper trunk of the brachial plexus caused by abrupt, forceful depression of the shoulder.
See also: burner syndrome.
Synonym(s): stingers
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Now Anonymous suggests perhaps if I had not lit my wood burner, things would be different.
He said: "The burner had been lit earlier in the evening but then appeared to have gone out.
Burner management technology is a concept whose time has truly arrived.
I suspect that a modest increase in pre-combustion air temperatures could even be achieved by simply enclosing the area around the burners with a sheet metal box.
com This is more of a cooking theatre with five burners, a 79x49cm cooking area and even a kitchen sink.
Table 1 illustrates the yield and bulk density for the natural and forced air flow burners.
A BURNER fell onto a pile of Christmas presents on Saturday sparking a blaze at a family home in Flint.
Page 2-35 of the M17 TM 3-4230-228-10 says the burner fuel Knob at startup should be turned fully clockwise.
Q I want to burn DVDs, but my computer did not come with a burner.
Prices have dropped so rapidly for the DVD burners you buy today that Japanese manufacturers have all but ceased their own manufacturing and outsource it to Taiwanese and mainland China manufacturers.
Sample 16X media has already been provided to five of the leading burner manufacturers that are tuning their drives to Verbatim's high-performance media.