Burn Rate

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A popular term for the rate at which a non-income-producing company consumes the funds invested in it by venture capitalists
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"Powders effective in the .308 have a much narrower burn rate range than those useful in the .30-06 cartridge," Emary says.
For slower burn rate propellants like IMR 4227, H110, W296, and LiT Gun, the start charge in both sources is only 5 percent less than the max recommend load.
Review of the pilot's flight plan revealed he had planned on a fuel burn rate of nine gph.
Over a couple of days, the propellant can absorb enough moisture, in a worst-case scenario, not to burn at all or, more likely, enough to change the burn rate and bullet velocity.
We had previously heard the burn rate for Project Pachyderm was approximately $700,000 per day, but we didn't want to sidetrack the discussion since the meeting was already hours longer than originally planned.
Class 3 oxidizers lead to the greatest increases in burn rates.
I also found very interesting the extensive background information on burn rates, time curves, statistics and loading techniques.
"We leveraged CAE and analytical modeling of things like burn rates and NVH more on this engine than on any previous development," says Szczupak, "and the prototypes have werified the models completely."
Combining varied hybrid-rocket research may yield even better burn rates, says Chiaverini, who hopes to test Orbitec's double-vortex system on the Stanford paraffin.
* Go back to the basics: During the tech-happy boom of the late 1990s and 2000, the venture capital market moved away from fundamentals, hoping to strike it rich on dotcom companies with no cash flow measures in place and little regard for burn rates. However, in the current economic downturn, that's no longer the case.
Bondholders contend that certain telecoms are in the "zone of insolvency," as their cash burn rates outstrip revenue, and that they must immediately liquidate or restructure their debt and pay bondholders.