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a glass tube with a capacity of the order of 25 to 100 mL and graduation intervals of 0.05 to 0.1 mL, with stopcock attachment, used to deliver an accurately measured quantity of liquid.
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A graduated glass tube with a tap as its lower end; used for measuring liquids in volumetric chemical analyses.
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A receptacle for measuring liquid or gases, which consists of a graduated glass tube, usually furnished with a small aperture and stopcock.
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In contrast to older models, the instrument and burette no longer must be stopped automatically when the torque limit switch is reached.
All this information is then read by the Titrando when the burette is attached.
Also, Plug & Play for burettes, sensors and accessories help facilitate their use without errors, according to the company.
We had experienced, first-hand, the main problem that the brief was intended to meet - namely, that the manual dispensing of chemicals for classroom experiments (using burettes) can take a classroom technician or teacher almost an hour, especially when large class sizes mean that 30 or so samples of two or three different chemicals are required.
The burettes for titrants can be exchanged with a single hand and are available in four different sizes.
It also includes beakers, pitchers, Erlenmeyer flasks and automatic burettes. The line incorporates a range of laboratory accessories including container pumps, laboratory trays, slide boxes, pipette bulbs, tube racks, tubing and tubing accessories.
Up to ten burettes for titrating, dosing, pre-treatment, can be attached.
The compact, closed blending environment features a lighted front panel that illuminates the burettes for better volume visibility.
Complete line of liquid handling equipment includes dispensers, burettes, pipettors and tips, aspirators, and controllers.