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The negative control group had uncontaminated burs (new/unused) while the positive control group consisted of used contaminated burs.
Group 4 consisted of contaminated burs which were subjected to manual scrubbing, ultrasonic cleaning for 10 minutes, and placement in enzymatic solution for 10 minutes.
After cleaning, all the dental burs of test groups were sterilised using steam autoclave (Melag, Vacuklave 23 B+, Berlin, Germany) for 3.5 minutes at 134AdegC.
Inter-examiner reliability was examined on a subset of 50 randomly selected burs and agreement between two investigators was determined using Kappa statistics that turned out to be excellent at 0.80.
Wet sample weights were determined, and buffalograss burs and caryopses, and legume seeds were recovered from the digesta using a dilution and settling method similar to that described by Ocumpaugh et al.
Burs, caryopses and legume seeds were recovered from feces samples of known weights.
- Buffalograss burs and caryopses from each steer for each of the 24-h periods were placed in separate 100-ram petri dishes on top of two circles of germination blotter paper.
To provide a control treatment, three untreated replications of 100 burs and 100 caryopses from each of the same three seedlots fed were included in each experiment.
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