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bupleurum (bōō·plerˑ·m),

n Latin name:
Bupleurum falcatum L.; part used: roots; uses: antiinflammatory, immunomodulator, hepatoprotective, antitussive, renal disorders, stomach ulcers; precautions: can cause gas, indigestion, slight hepatotoxicity, sedation, nausea. Also called
Bupleuri radix, chai hu, hare's ear root, saiko, and
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Total Panax ginseng, root 1:2 20 ml Angelica sinensis, dry root 1:1 20 ml Bupleurum falcatum, root dry 1:2 20 ml Glycyrrhiza glabra, root dry 1:1 20 ml Paeonia lactiflora, root dry 1:2 20 ml Zingiber officinale, root dry 1:2 10 ml 5 ml 3x a day for 1st cycle then reduce dose to 5 ml morning and morning.
You should also be aware of foliage for your arrangements and Perilla frutescens, Plantago major 'Rubrifolia' and Bupleurum griffithii 'Green Gold' are excellent annuals to grow for their foliage.
2002) [5], Rauvolfia tetraphylla (Faisal and Anis, 2002) [6], Bupleurum fruticosum (Fraternale et al.
Bupleurum species; scientific evaluation and clinical applications.
INCI name: butylene glycol (and) PEG-8 (and) bupleurum falcatum extract (and) caffeine (and) coenzyme A
In addition, herbs such as corydal, corydalis, mastic, myrrh, and bupleurum offer strong pain-relieving properties.
Anti-cellulite uva ursi, deal with lightening skin tone, products will the created to address the symptoms Skin firming agents such as bupleurum are becoming more commonplace, for example.
Orange-eye butterfly-bush Bupleurum rotundifolium L.
Pretty as a picture: A casually-arranged bouquet of spikes of foxtail lilies (Eremurus) contrasted with sprigs of lime yellow bupleurum, cream-edged dogwood leaves, and the bright yellow yarrow (Achillea) in this clear class vase show off the highlights trend in flower arranging - or so I am told.
I've become a real advocate,'' said Wilma Jackson of Santa Monica, who switched from Contac to the herb bupleurum to combat colds.
Think: mixed greenery with lots of texture such as bupleurum, hellebores, green hydrangeas and green dianthus for a monochromatic arrangement of lush foliage that differs from the traditional floral bouquet.
51 plant samples of Bupleurum representing 19 species were collected from different areas in China.