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Robert W., German chemist and physicist, 1811-1899. See: Bunsen burner, Bunsen solubility coefficient, Bunsen-Roscoe law.
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von Bunsen', in 175 Jahre Gemeindeleben Christuskirche Rom, Festschrift zum Jubilaum der evangelischlutherischen Gemeinde in Rom 1819-1994 (Rome, 1994), 51-57, where the most interesting parts of this text are published.
Yet it was at Makerere College, in Uganda, hesitating on the brink of becoming the University College of East Africa, that de Bunsen, to his surprise, found his vocation.
I can predict with absolute certainty that should you apply a Bunsen burner to a certain part of a scientist's anatomy you will witness a warming effect of cataclysmic proportions.
* replacing Bunsen burners with DC arcs as source units.
The group before Easter had an amazing five weeks in our brilliant science labs, testing lots of chemicals for reactions, getting to use the Bunsen burners and experiencing some amazing experiments with our science staff.
Love life: London with his civil partner, Ian Hallard, and their dog Bunsen.
The 31-year-old, of Jesson Road, Sutton Coldfield, also threatened to have 'Russians, Italians and Scousers' burn his eyes out with a Bunsen burner.
What nationality was Robert Bunsen of Bunsen burner fame?
Kicking the festival off on Thursday will be JOHN OTWAY, most famous for his top ten hit Bunsen Burner.
The cover illustration for this funny, light novel consists of three panels of a comic strip, without words, telling the story of the first incident in Libby's life that she records in her blog: when her hair caught fire in chemistry class as she leaned too close to the Bunsen burner, distracted by her crush on Seth and her hatred of Angel Rodriguez.
AUSTRALIAN Shane Willmott is training three mice, named Harry, Chopsticks and Bunsen, to surf small waves on tiny mouse-size surf boards at beaches on the country's Gold Coast.
SCIENCE Science at school was an enjoyable subject, especially when you set your best mate's hair on fire with a Bunsen burner