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Robert W., German chemist and physicist, 1811-1899. See: Bunsen burner, Bunsen solubility coefficient, Bunsen-Roscoe law.
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Without the personal touch, it will neither attract nor hold my attention, and I'm back to that Bunsen burner.
Bunsen era ahora fotografo, fotografo publicitario; comenzo desde abajo, como un desconocido;
Bunsen Burner has been a model of consistency and is in very good form.
It is named after German chemist and physicist Robert Wilhelm Bunsen (1811-1899).
Bunsen was fearless in the laboratory, even after a chemical explosion in 1843 cost him the sight in his right eye.
Elementary kids don't have the ability to manipulate a Bunsen burner and a test tube, but that doesn't mean they don't like to see it," Kordek says.
Bunsen Honeydew shows up accompanied by his invention, Robot Rabbit, and a Muppet Labs notebook, while the demoniacal musician Dr.
You can't tell if gas is running to the unlit Bunsen burner sitting on the table.
On ``Golden State,'' the band (drummer Robin Goodridge, 36; bassist Dave Parsons, 36; guitarist Nigel Pulsford, 37; and Rossdale, 34) put away the beakers and Bunsen burners and got out the loud, raw guitars.
But last week education chiefs in Scotland told pupils not to wear the leisure suits in class, especially when they come into contact with bunsen burners.
Johnson wants to make it clear that his experience with drugs did not involve test tubes and Bunsen burners.
As their relationship deepens, the professor follows Swan to Pathica where she begins graduate work, and the two quickly befriend one of the campus's most famous celebrities, astronomer Raoul Bunsen.