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Drug slang
A regional street term defined as either:
(1) Fake cocaine, or
(2) Crack cocaine.

Vox populi
Nonsense; as in, “That’s a load of bunk.”

bunk, bunker

large storage bin.

bunk forage
forage, usually ensilage stored in a large storage bunk and made available to cattle or other livestock along a face of the storage.
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The petrol bunks will be constructed in this designated complex.
At a glance, a poshtel is a regular hotel with en suite rooms, but within are spaces configured to sleep more occupants, with bunks, private lockers, and even some rooms designated "female.
The bonding of these ABS and aluminium bunk parts with Crestabond Ml-05 is carried out by a local subcontract thermoforming specialist, which supplies assembled bunks to the Freightliner Trucks Saltillo assembly plant in Mexico, where the bunks are installed on the truck cabin production line.
A senior pilot said that bunks are generally on the back side of the plane, mostly in long- haul aircraft for resting of air crew.
The company offers custom-fit trailers for over 10,000 boat models but the CA series in particular was designed with a fully welded aluminum frame and custom welded bunks for a perfect fit to your hull.
Triple-deck bunks should not be used due to risk of falls.
Central command spokesman Hauke Bunks said Saturday about 550 German soldiers and some 130 Austrian troops will be deployed to the region by May 1, according to a report of the Associated Press.
The scientists called the strategy "hot bunking," referring to the practice of ships sailing with fewer bunks than sailors on board.
The bunks were ready but my dad said he couldn't get them out to me until he could get a lift from a mate.
Guild of Students president Ben Meakin said: "Although bunks are not ideal, at least they provide a bed for students.
Aberystwyth University Guild of Students president Ben Meakin said: "Although bunks are not ideal, at least they will provide a bed for students.