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bunk, bunker

large storage bin.

bunk forage
forage, usually ensilage stored in a large storage bunk and made available to cattle or other livestock along a face of the storage.
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The Indian government recently sanctioned the construction of 14,460 individual and community bunkers at a cost of Rs 415.
4918 individual and 372 community bunkers would be constructed in Rajouri, and 3076 individual and 243 community bunkers would come up in Kathua district.
He thanked the Home Minister for issuing orders allocating Central funds for construction of 13,029 Individual bunkers with capacity of 8 persons each and 1,431 Community bunkers with capacity of 40 persons each, to begin with.
In the aftermath of recent tensions especially in Nowshera and Manjakote sectors of Rajouri district, the administration has taken up the proposal with the Ministry for construction of community bunkers for border dwellers in all five districts of Jammu region - Jammu, Samba, Kathua, Rajouri and Poonch.
MULTAN -- The first bunker for installing a linear accelerator worth Rs 202 million at 100-bed Cancer Centre of the Nishtar Hospital is about to complete.
They have shared the map, which includes 30 Scottish bunkers, on public forums.
There were also separate incidences of bunker fuel transfers between bunker tankers that were conducted without approval, the MPA said in a statement.
Sources said the coalition government of PDP- BJP had full support of the Centre for removing the bunkers.
On Saturday, Prime Minister Edi Rama led visitors, including Western ambassadors, on a tour of the never used 106-room, five-story bunker.
The supply of bunkers at the request of the vessel's charterer is the most common practice in the industry.
It bought Norway's Bergen Bunkers AS late in 2012, after having previously added a Turkish and a Spanish company, Reuters explained.