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bunk, bunker

large storage bin.

bunk forage
forage, usually ensilage stored in a large storage bunk and made available to cattle or other livestock along a face of the storage.
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The bunkers - with the exception of the new and moved ones that have squeezed the fairways on Nos.
Mr Catford, who owns his own bunker and now advises vendors on the history of former defence structures, said it was not uncommon for a group of enthusiasts to club together to acquire their own nuclear shelter for posterity.
HAND TRAP: The fine grains of the recycled glass bunker sand; SPLASH DOWN: Kenny Dalglish plays out of a bunker of recycled glass as Alan Hansen looks on in Victoria Park,Southpport
PAR FOURA tough two-shot hole under any circumstances to win The Open, with the drive to a narrow landing area with two bunkers left and one right to be avoided.
The MPA, an agency under the Transport Ministry, said it has taken action against three companies that supplied bunker fuel to the three ships, another firm subcontracted by the three companies to deliver the oil, and two barge operators.
Under Reichle's leadership, the MTMC team assisted the Bunker in the conduct of the first U.
The valiant resistance from rooftops, bunkers, attics and makeshift defensive positions forced the SS and their friendly "volunteers" to evacuate.
The growth of the Civic Centre in the mid-1960s and the subsequent rise of Bunker Hill as the corporate centre meant that both public and private investment were diverted from the Pershing Square vicinity from that time.
To test the role of this alteration layer in corrosion and cracking, Bunker and Michalske exposed different kinds of glass to different chemicals.
Twelve semistructured interviews were successfully conducted with two regulatory bodies, one marine consultant, four bunker suppliers/brokers, one Ship manager, and four ship operators who operate a range of vessels, including tankers, container ships, and bulk carriers.
The removal of the bunker will provide great relief to us," Mushtaq Ahmad, a resident, said.
I'm talking about the York Cold War Bunker, a fascinating monument to the days of four-minute warnings and nuclear winters.