Bungee Jumping

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An ‘extreme’ sport in which a long elastic band is attached to the participant, who dives off a height. While accidents are rare, they are significant when they do occur, including quadriplegia or death—often due to improper fastening or miscalculation of the distance to the ground
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A massive thank you to all 19 bungee jumpers who took part, to all who donated to the charity and Eston Labour Club for the use of the club on the charity night.
135 jump for joy An amazing 135 bungee jumpers all plunged from a bridge at the same time in a recorded event in Russia.
BRAVE bungee jumpers raised thousands of pounds in the sunshine by the Tyne.
Bungee jumpers leap from the harbour bridge or the 1,076ft Sky Tower, attached by elastic.
Paul was among about 20 bungee jumpers who took part in the event.
There are also trapeze artists, stilt-walkers, bungee jumpers and acrobats.
According to a study of 100 bungee jumpers, leaping off a 130-foot platform with only an elastic cord tied around your ankles isn't as dangerous as it sounds.
Rob Nichols, Fly Me to the Moon editor, who was heavily involved in the Brian Clough statue fund project, said: "It was a giant leap for the bungee jumpers and also for the funding of the statue.
Mr Arnall says those who enjoy romantic films most would generally be romantic at heart, but those choosing action films don't have to be sky divers or bungee jumpers.
The drama will be accompanied by aerial acrobats and bungee jumpers.