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An ‘extreme’ sport in which a long elastic band is attached to the participant, who dives off a height. While accidents are rare, they are significant when they do occur, including quadriplegia or death—often due to improper fastening or miscalculation of the distance to the ground
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The fact that bungee jumpers accelerate faster than freefall (Biezeveld, 2003; Heck, Uylings & Kedzierska, 2010; Kagan & Kott, 1996) was not utilised in the revamped LLA, but is a possible extension for extended experimental investigations in Years 11 and 12.
"I knew a bungee jumper at British Gas in Manchester, where I work as a billing assistant," Lisa explains.
PLUNGE Bungee jumper goes over the edge in 007 style
AT 96, South African Mohr Keet became the oldest bungee jumper ever.
I've undoubtedly missed a couple of million examples; somewhere, I'm sure, there's a 107-year-old bungee jumper that I'll hear about Monday morning.
GREAT DAY Robbie Jones, the charity's new mascot, shows off his new army gear and, right, fundraising bungee jumper Leigh Armstrong CHARITY From left, Eric Ingram from The Soldiers' Charity, with Wayne and Jill Jones, and their son Robbie, who lost his legs to meningitis at 23 months old
The most extreme BBQ was held on Lake Walapoa in Auckland, New Zealand; when in 1996 a bungee jumper plunged up and down above a barbi floating on a raft 250ft below to speed grill a burger!
No doubt CABE's observations will be given the consideration they deserve - before being jettisoned faster than a falling bungee jumper.
Bungee jumper Eric Barcia, 22, hurled himself off a 70ft platform and hit the pavement at Reston, Virginia, - because the rope was longer than the distance between the platform and the ground.
But if England's tour of New Zealand goes into freefall like a Kiwi bungee jumper, then his first problem is going to be: Who leads my team?
An Old Trafford spokesman said: "I can confirm we're in advanced talks with Andrew Flintoff over his possible involvement in the Nat west T20 Blast this season." At 36 and with a five year career as a reality TV star and charity bungee jumper (below) behind him , Flint off has some way to go to show he still has the skills to compete at the top.
And the grandad, who is now Europe's oldest bungee jumper, said he would do it all again.