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Obama's 211 inaugural bundlers account for $27.6 million of the $35.3 million raised to date.
Meanwhile, McCain's bundlers are guys like Elliott Broidy of Broidy Capital Management, William Strong of Morgan Stanley, John Thain of Merrill Lynch, and Paul Singer of Elliott Associates, all of whom helped raise at least $500,000.
The recent case of Norman Hsu, the admitted felon and accused fraudster who passed himself off as a successful businessman and major "bundler" of campaign donations, is a classic example.
He was nicknamed The Benton Bundler and was quite an awesome character.
Bundlers will always be important, but campaigns' reliance on them is exacerbated by the need to collect ever-increasing amounts.
Now that Time has reported that Duke Cunningham wore a wire during his final weeks on the Hill, we know that the feds show some consideration to members who record their colleagues' deepest meditations on how to get a Redskins skybox when their bundlers are in town.
Omega makes a range of container handling and packaging equipment, including the Classic series of shrink bundlers, which take small containers, like bottles of shampoo or vials of pills, and wrap them into bundles held together by film packaging material.
One of the company's flagship products is the Classic Series of shrink bundlers. This pneumatically driven, PLC-controlled machine is designed for automatic shrink or stretch packaging of glass, plastic, or metal containers, as well as boxes or cartons, into pre-determined bundle configurations.
It means that a group of ordinary citizens can band together and organize lots of five-dollar contributions for candidates, and traditionally that's the role played by big-money bundlers or power brokers.
Lobbyists, political action committees, and corporate "bundlers" of contributions get private meetings with members of Congress to discuss their issues and influence decision making.