bundle-branch block

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bun·dle-branch block (BBB),

intraventricular block due to interruption of conduction in one of the two main branches of the atrioventricular bundle and manifested in the electrocardiogram by marked prolongation of the QRS complex; block of each branch has distinctive QRS morphology.
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bundle-branch block

A defect in the passage of electrical impulses through either the right or left branches that divide from the bundle of His, which supply the “wiring” for the right and left ventricles, often resulting in delayed conduction though either bundle branch.

Clinical findings
Generally asymptomatic; if symptomatic, fainting, slowed heart rate.

Cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, infarction, post-surgery.
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bun·dle-branch block

Intraventricular block due to interruption of conduction in one of the two main branches of the bundle of His and manifested in the electrocardiogram by marked prolongation of the QRS complex. Block to each branch has distinctive QRS morphology.
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