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It's a particular style of bikini - a heart shaped back with a ruched middle, as opposed to the Kim Kardashian, who has made the bum big traditional triangle shape - that originated in Brazil and then moved to America.
According to the researchers, advances in bum treatment have meant that the percentage of patients surviving severe burn injuries is increasing.
Since joining Thornton Tomasetti in 1995, Bums has led the structural design team on many projects, including Soldier Field, UBS Tower, 191 N.
They battered each other, inning after inning, until the top of the seventh, when the Bums scored five runs to pull ahead.
He sticks out his backside, looks over his shoulder and points at his bum.
I have been known to do the odd bum clench exercise.
Third-degree bums are also called full skin thickness bums.
Welsh ladies are obviously ignoring the ``Love your bum'' slogan of the latest Velvet toilet tissue advertising campaign - the one with the pictures of different bums, labelled ``firmish'', ``cuddly'' and, more worryingly, ``noble''.
The result is the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, an historic estate Bums restored as a labor of love on the shores of Italy's clear Lake Garda, two-hours east of Milan.
The hanging-out-in-a-tiny-bikini-for-three-months thing bums me out.
But the Bums case revived active resistance, to the Compromise in the year the incendiary Kansas-Nebraska Act took effect; the two events signaled for many abolitionists the futility of legislative and judicial solutions to slavery and the inevitability of civil war.