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A reed, the pollen of which is astringent, diuretic, fibrinolytic, haemostatic, vasotonic
Used for Dysmenorrhea, hepatitis, postpartum pain, traumatic hemorrhage, spermatorrhea
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The pretty riverside village of Dalyan, surrounded by pine-clad hills, cotton fields and bullrushes, is a great place for a day trip.
Paradise Bay Somewhat optimistically named, I thought, but a good sandy beach nonetheless, backed by bullrushes and only a five-minute drive from the ferry terminal.
OF MORE immediate interest, Saturday's winner will be on duty in the Welsh National, where he should get his ground-there are usually a few bullrushes and water lilies growing up the straight at Chepstow in December.
the ibis trusts the bullrushes. The way you trust me.
Children from Rugby's Bridges After School Club and sculptors Gill and Lee Brewster were there to see the solid oak carvings of bullrushes unveiled.
With the help of a borrowed backhoe, they turn a weed-choked one-acre parking lot into a fully functioning wetland, planting 10,000 bullrushes in the process
Where sand is loamy and bullrushes, rushes and Eleocharis are growing, there could be springs as well as fresh water from lakes available three to nine feet below the surface.
Appendix 2 Names which could apply to Typha Name English arrangkwur-ra bulrush baal yan roots of the bull rush; who or which is made covered (the edible part is covered with a trunk) roots which are covered horizontally balyan starch from the root of the bulrush, staple food baraba bullrushes baraba bulrushes bayagan bulrushes berng-kanng river bank plant, roots edible all year bitthin Bullrushes, also Yam boo-reetch edible rush, `Loddon down' [Typha] booroorehr Bulrushes ?English boortitch rush root, old, after cooked bourt deet superior fibrous veg., raw cooked bourt-bourt rush (used for candles, large) prob.
In the Bible, which baby was found in the bullrushes? 7.
Eating up to 200kg a day, these mighty creatures bulldoze their way through trees, bushes, bullrushes, water lilies and even safari lodges.
Expeditions into "the country" often took the youngsters up Stoney Road - now Blue House Point Road - and across to the Portrack Marsh, complete with its bullrushes.
Alas, because of the bog, reeds and bullrushes round the loch, we cannot fish from the bank, and bank fishing is probably the best way of targeting winter rainbows.