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A reed, the pollen of which is astringent, diuretic, fibrinolytic, haemostatic, vasotonic
Used for Dysmenorrhea, hepatitis, postpartum pain, traumatic hemorrhage, spermatorrhea
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My favorite feature on the Bullrush is the full-sized plier jaws, which can handle virtually the same heavy-duty chores as my large multitools.
BullRush Chocolates owner Nadine Porter said officials had monitored the world-record attempt, which took six people to build it using special moulds and dark coverture chocolate.
The method was also utilised to manufacture nets of bark fibre cord used extensively in fishing and hunting: These nets are the handiwork of the `gins', as the native women are called, and are generally made of the fibres of the `corryong' tree, or of the bullrush and `wongul' roots.
Much of the Mississippi River ecosystem involves aquatic rooted plants, like bullrush, arrowhead, and wild celery.
By 1869, the Mormons set out to drain the ancient swamps along the river that had provided Southern Paiutes with abundant fish, waterfowl, cattail and bullrush roots and greens, honey dew, and a dozen other plant foods.(71) The colonists were motivated not only by their desire to farm rich swampland instead of alkali-impregnated alluvium, but also by their urge to destroy the breeding waters of the mosquitoes that "bothered them from warm weather in the spring to the first frost in the fall." On the other hand, floods that following year bred disease in West Point.(72) The difficulties recorded among Mormon colonists surely were shared by Southern Paiutes who attempted to remain in the oasis.
searchable at Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne pictured with a shotgun in front of his Staffordshire farmhouse, Bullrush Cottage, nicknamed Atrocity Cottage.
| Michael Johnson, 30, of Bullrush Drive, Wirral, who admitted cannabis production, will be sentenced next week.
Choked with bullrush plants, the diversity of wildlife the pond contained - including aquatic animals, dragonflies, bats and water birds - was in decline.
The Gerber Bullrush Multi-Tool delivers the tools you need most often in a convenient design that's as easy to use as it is tough.
The smaller, lighter boats including REVS (Ross 40), Bullrush (Elliott 12) and General Lee (Bakewell-White 36), plus the larger, heavier boats like Lion New Zealand (Ron Holland Whit bread Maxi) and Starlight Express (Davidson 55) all closed the gap, and the second half of the race determined the corrected time winners.
JAZZ SALON ROUGE, fitting in between sessions at their regular venue in Bascote Heath, can be heard tonight at the Frog & Bullrush in Bidford on Avon.
The third plot has excellent cover of Joe-pye weed (Eupatorium serotinum), bullrush (Scirpus cyperinus) and spikerush (Eleocharis sp.).