bullet wound

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bullet wound

A penetrating wound caused by a missile discharged from a firearm. The extent of injury depends on the wound site and the speed and character of the bullet. gunshot wound


Tetanus booster injection or tetanus immune globulin and antibiotics, if indicated, should be given. An appropriate bandage should be applied. Emergency surgery may be necessary. Complications, including hemorrhage and shock, should be treated.

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It was in September 2001, that Pte Gray, 17, from Seaham, Co Durham, was found with two bullet wounds to his head.
But the important thing is that there was no bullet wound, no trauma," Mr Grey said.
A state trooper just sent you a moose's severed hind leg, which contains a bullet wound.
Further, Spangler said he smothered his son with a pillow after shooting him because the bullet wound was not lethal.
My mother called 911, and suddenly a fireman was there and said it was a bullet wound.
The man, who sustained a head bullet wound and multiple bodily injuries, reportedly left his family home and was missing for a while before he was found, the police report added.
Just days after expert Frank Swann said the deaths were murder, Mr Hain became the first cabinet minister to imply foul play - rather than suicide - led to 18-year-old Cheryl dying from a single bullet wound.
While on duty at the base he was found with a single bullet wound to the head just hours after cheerfully chatting with his mother.
The body of Pte Cheryl James, 18, from Llangollen, north Wales, was discovered at Deepcut in November 1995 with a single bullet wound to the head.
The gunman died at Ben Taub General Hospital of a bullet wound to the head after holding police at bay for about an hour after the initial shootings.
Cheryl James, of Llangollen, North Wales, was 18 when she died of a single bullet wound to the head in 1995.
The body of Cheryl, 18, from Llangollen in North Wales, was discovered in 1995 with a single bullet wound to the head.