bullet wound

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bullet wound

A penetrating wound caused by a missile discharged from a firearm. The extent of injury depends on the wound site and the speed and character of the bullet. gunshot wound


Tetanus booster injection or tetanus immune globulin and antibiotics, if indicated, should be given. An appropriate bandage should be applied. Emergency surgery may be necessary. Complications, including hemorrhage and shock, should be treated.

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'Now I am still in pain, this is not an ordinary wound, it is a bullet wound. I have come to tell the international community that I need treatment.
In a statement, Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for Palestinian Health Ministry, said 44 of the injured people received bullet wounds.
New Delhi [India], Feb 21 ( ANI ): A Delhi Police Head Constable who was found with bullet wound at a Delhi hospital died on Tuesday.
Then six months later, Pte James Collinson, from Perth, also 17, was found with a single bullet wound upwards through his chin.
A medic told AFP that 73 people were wounded in the clashes, including five people who suffered bullet wounds and 19 who were hit by birdshot.
But Christopher Grey, a spokesman for the Army Criminal Investigation Command, said yesterday that no bullet wound was found in Capt Clark's body.
An aid ship operated by charity Medecins Sans Frontieres docked in the Tunisian port of Sfax carrying 71 wounded people from Misrata, many with bullet wounds and broken limbs and one whose
He finds a clue: "There is a small bullet wound in the front of the wolf's neck," says Stroud.
The daughter, found partially clothed in her bed, had a bullet wound in her back.
She will also destroy his Lab 33 that genetically changed her as the instant healing from a bullet wound proves.
HIT: X-ray showing bullet; ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT: President Chen Shui-bian puts his thumb up to crowds yesterday as a blood stain spreads from a bullet wound in his stomach; SHOT: 11cm bullet wound
The court held that a law enforcement officer's decision while he was present in the hospital watching the arrestee as he awaited surgery for a bullet wound, that the arrestee should be strapped to the hospital bed in order to minimize the risk of flight, did not rise to the level of a substantive due process violation.