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a medium-sized (40-55 lb), thickset dog with very characteristic build and appearance. The head, with a very short face, neck and forequarters, are massive in proportion to the rest of the body and the legs are relatively short. The tail is naturally short. The breed is predisposed to cleft lip and palate, hemivertebra, hydrocephalus, congenital heart defects, spina bifida and upper respiratory structural abnormalities. Called also British bulldog. See also french bulldog.

American Bulldog
a larger dog with longer legs and longer nose than the (British) bulldog. It is said to resemble more closely the earlier version of that breed, as it was when brought to the Americas in colonial times.


see nose lead.
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The Bulldogs started the more fluent and aggressive, with their larger pack forcing the visitors to defend their own line repeatedly in the first 15 minutes.
Centre Jones earned the man of the match accolade but the new-look Bulldogs were edged out 32-26 by Gloucestershire Warriors at Moor Lane.
With the support of local residents and community partners, another bevy of bulldogs will be unleashed in May 2018.
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