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a medium-sized (40-55 lb), thickset dog with very characteristic build and appearance. The head, with a very short face, neck and forequarters, are massive in proportion to the rest of the body and the legs are relatively short. The tail is naturally short. The breed is predisposed to cleft lip and palate, hemivertebra, hydrocephalus, congenital heart defects, spina bifida and upper respiratory structural abnormalities. Called also British bulldog. See also french bulldog.

American Bulldog
a larger dog with longer legs and longer nose than the (British) bulldog. It is said to resemble more closely the earlier version of that breed, as it was when brought to the Americas in colonial times.


see nose lead.
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Next season, with everyone returning, the Bulldogs will be considered one of the league favorites.
The Bulldogs have been involved in several nonleague shootouts, including an 86-76 loss to La Canada, and Smith said defense will be the primary focus of his team's practices.
So when the Bulldogs players sat down Monday to watch film, their first-year coach had a message waiting.
Garfio sat down after giving the Bulldogs (2-1) a 33-point lead early in the fourth quarter and received great help from his offensive line, which blew open holes against an overmatched Newbury Park (1-2) offensive line.
Not that everyone walked away convinced the Bulldogs (29-3) are the better team.
This is the fourth consecutive year that the Bulldogs have won the Region XXI NJCAA New England championship, beating Roxbury Community College and Holyoke Community College this year to become regional champions for the fifth time on November 1, 2015.
com)-- Jonas Brothers' Joe Jonas and Twilight's Ashley Greene got a Shrinkabull bulldog dog puppy.
A big win tonight could even see the Panthers leapfrog the Bulldogs into seventh spot.
The reason why became immediately apparent as Pinegar embarrassed the Trojans' secondary, completing five of six passes and driving the Bulldogs 81 yards for a touchdown.
My dad used to breed British bulldogs, and we always had two, a bitch and a dog.
Our Bulldogs is a family-owned and family-run business that offers English bulldog puppies for sale.
If that's not enough, the Bulldogs are already miffed because its 250-member band is being limited to 60 performers, the size USC allows for a typical nonconference opponent.