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I was lucky, though, and noticed the bull's eye rash on my arm about two weeks later.
It is important therefore that clinicians do not rely solely on the presence or absence of a bull's eye rash for their diagnosis ( id-mi/tickinfo-eng.php).
The hallmark of early Lyme Disease is the bull's eye rash, called Erythema Migrans, that begins at the site of the tick bite and expands to a dimension of over 5 centimeters.
At present, however, CF members' beware: If you are bitten by a deer tick and a bull's eye rash appears, your best option may be to immediately seek your voluntary release.
Erythema migrans, the characteristic bull's eye rash, appears only in the early stage; neurologic involvement may develop at any time.
Diagnosis is made on the basis of the bull's eye rash and the presence (finding) of tick.