modulus of volume elasticity

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mo·du·lus of vol·ume e·las·tic·i·ty

a coefficient expressing the ratio between pressure acting to change the volume of a substance and the amount of change that results from it.
Synonym(s): bulk modulus
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The effective acoustic compliance and effective bulk modulus are determined by the following expressions, respectively:
Ratio Relative Conductivity 16.7% 0.60 12.5% 1 8.34% 0.95 Table 6: The relationship between doping ratio and elastic constants Ratio [C.sub.11] [C.sub.22] [C.sub.33] [C.sub.44] 0 108.0 108.0 286.1 88.2 16.7% 243.0 223.2 65.1 68.5 12.5% 142.5 277.3 145.5 75.1 8.34% 147.1 290.6 146.1 79.1 Ratio [C.sub.55] [C.sub.66] [C.sub.12] [C.sub.13] 0 88.2 146.8 26.8 41.8 16.7% 79.5 42.3 -28.3 92.2 12.5% 134.7 76.0 73.2 58.6 8.34% 135.9 80.5 74.1 58.1 Table 7: Bulk modulus (GPa), shear modulus (GPa), Poisson's ratio, and universal elastic anisotropy index.
The study of Zimmerman [31] provided a theoretical basis on analyzing the influence of Terzaghi effective stress on the effective rock bulk modulus. Bouteca [32] and Hart (1998) yielded similar conclusions after experimentation.
Hahn, "Grain size dependence of the bulk modulus of nanocrystalline nickel," Scripta Materialia, vol.
TABLE 1: Equilibrium lattice parameters (in [Angstrom]), bulk modulus (in GPa), and total energy E (in eV) of uranium crystal.
The biodiesel N[O.sub.x] specific increase effect is related to the differences in physico-chemically characteristics (viscosity, density, bulk modulus of compressibility, bond structure, and cetane number), fuel injection timing and spray char acteristics, and engine operation condition, with major influences on the combustion process (Mazzoleni et al.
(ii) Almost every EOS, new or old, can be fitted to a given range of P-V data by adjusting the values of the zero pressure, isothermal bulk modulus ([B.sub.0]), and its pressure derivatives ([B'.sub.0], [B".sub.0]) [2].
For example, density influences the conversion of volume flow rate into mass flow rate [1], whereas the compressibility (the reciprocal of bulk modulus) acts on the fuel injection timing [2,3].
The crystal ionicity is one of the key parameters of semiconducting materials in discussing problems in the field of elastic constants, cohesive energy, heat of formation, bulk modulus and crystal structure.