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His red, bloated face, bleary eyes and bulbous nose bespoke the manner of his life; while his thick lips, the lower hanging large and flabby over his receding chin, indicated the base passions to which his life and been given.
His bulbous nose was the size and shape of a turnip.
The bulbous nose makes the hood appear flat but it does have a few character lines similar to the ones found along the sides.
Cut-out cards have holes for fingers to be inserted to give "legs" to bathing belles, or a bulbous nose to a cleric or rotund mother-in-law.
Honestly though, the ski slope nose is not possible if you were born with a bulbous nose.' The whole picture, or how the new nose will work with the rest of the face, also matters.
Facial mapping tests place Daniel, 49, at the bottom of a list of six Bond actors, due to his bulbous nose, thin lips and wide face.
He said: "Daniel Craig scored poorly because he has very thin lips, a bulbous nose and his face is very wide.
A generation came to learn the aircraft's quirks, such as the jet's bulbous nose and swept wings and the vibrations during the takeoff roll that caused overstuffed luggage bins to pop open on early models.
According to the theater's official website, moviegoers in their Arizona, New York, Nebraska and Texas branches are urged to put on their red bulbous nose and white face paint on Sept.
A middle-aged drunk with craggy face and bulbous nose
Sayed's work is characterized by one figure -- a stooped male man with a distorted face, bulbous nose, and wide-set eyes arrayed beneath a ubiquitous cloth cap.
Thankfully, the Queen's spymaster general Sir Francis Walsingham (Laurence Rickard) has a bulbous nose for trouble and sniffs out treachery in the ranks.