[bul´bus] (pl. bul´bi) (L.)
bulbus o´culi eyeball.


Plural of bulbus.


Plural of bulbus.
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Pseudoptosis can be simulated in a small globe due to injury or inflammation resulting in an abnormal shape, as in pthisis bulbi or due to ipsilateral hypotropia.
Removal of silicon oil (ROSO) is a procedure that carries a definite risk of re detachment, cataract, glaucoma, vitreous haemorrhage, hypotony, corneal decompensation, phthisis bulbi, decrease in endothelial cell density and macular changes5,6.
Patients with delayed treatment suffer rapidly progressive retinal necrosis; exudative, rhegmatogenous, or tractional detachment may occur, with possible outcomes as severe as phthisis bulbi.
Phthisis bulbi (shrinking of globe) was the end result in few cases of perforating corneal wounds and a calf suffered from iris prolapse following severe pink eye.
The surgery was considered to have been successful when IOP ≤21 mmHg was achieved and no serious complications (endophthalmitis, retinal detachment, suprachoroidal hemorrhage, cellulitis, phthisis bulbi, or persistent hypotony [IOP <5 mmHg]) occurred during 12-month follow-up.
Principal cause of PVA < 20/60 per eye and per person was classified using the following categories: refractive error, uncorrected aphakia, untreated cataract, surgical complication, trachomatous corneal opacity, non-trachomatous corneal opacity, phthisis bulbi (subatrophy of the eye), glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and other posterior pole, eyeball, and nervous system disorders.
As for cyclodestructive procedures (cyclocryotherapy and cyclophotocoagulation), they are efficient in reducing the IOP but cannot be considered as first line treatments because they exhibit important complications like phthisis bulbi and retinal detachment (both appear in 50% of cases), progressive lens opacification and blindness [1,13, 21, 22].
5 BAEA Hatch-year eagle presented to the TCSVM Wildlife Clinic with severe malnutrition and phthisis bulbi of the right eye with mucoid discharge.
The anterior type is the most amenable to sugery, which aims to provide the best vision potential and to prevent the development of glaucoma and phthisis bulbi.
la parete si dilata e non vede i bulbi premuti,coperti di terra
Ocular biometry is a useful tool for the assessment of abnormalities such as phthisis bulbi, microphthalmia, pseudoexophthalmia, scleral ectasia, and congenital glaucoma (BRANDAO et al.