[bul´bus] (pl. bul´bi) (L.)
bulbus o´culi eyeball.
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Plural of bulbus.
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Plural of bulbus.
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Small ILFBs not involving the visual axis could be managed conservatively until the progression of cataract, ocular inflammation, and signs of siderosis bulbi in the metallic foreign bodies.
In another patient, hyphema and phthisis bulbi were noted 3 years after the procedure when the patient returned for a follow-up visit, but not within the 3-month postoperative follow-up interval.
These individuals developed progressive Phthisis bulbi (shrinkage of the eyeball),' says Muhammad Ansar, a researchers at the Department of Genetic Medicine and Development at UNIGE.
Schwannoma, Chronic Osteomyelitis, Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma, Eccrine Poroma, lobular hemangioma, Veruucus hyperplasia, Xan-thelasma, Mucocele, Phthisis bulbi, Osteoma and Optic nerve glioma were seen in 1 (0.4%) cases in each.
Evolution to phthisis bulbi was evident, with clouding and folds in the cornea, shrinkage of the eyeball and a very soft tone, and six months later the eye was eviscerated.
Pseudoptosis can be simulated in a small globe due to injury or inflammation resulting in an abnormal shape, as in pthisis bulbi or due to ipsilateral hypotropia.
Removal of silicon oil (ROSO) is a procedure that carries a definite risk of re detachment, cataract, glaucoma, vitreous haemorrhage, hypotony, corneal decompensation, phthisis bulbi, decrease in endothelial cell density and macular changes5,6.
(9) 2.76% of patients had phthisis bulbi. Visual acuity at presentation was found to be significantly associated with final visual prognosis corroborating the study by Esmaeli B et al.
His most recent follow-up visit three years later revealed no light perception in a left phthisis bulbi.
Following disinfection by povidone iodine (Egis, Hungary) and rinsing with PBS of human bulbi, corneal buttons were dissected using scissors.
This process of "threshold" retinopathy ultimately leads to subnormal anatomic and functional development: permanently underdeveloped retina, macular dragging, retinal detachment, neovascular glaucoma, blindness, and ultimately phthisis bulbi [4].