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Raploch Primary School acting head teacher Karin Stuart said: "It has been both a fun and informative visit as the children have learned about the dangers of playing on a building site, while at the same time they have also gained an insight into some house building procedures and techniques.
But ours was ruined by having to take our boy through a building site.
And a policeman was up here the other night because someone was on the building site and he said he fell over about four times because there are no lights.
Next, after measuring the distances and angles of the closed loop traverse PQMK, the coordinates of building site network (in addition to P and Q, also K and M, see Fig.
Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): To build a structure anywhere, testing the nature of its foundation is of utmost importance, but it is difficult to test some building sites in advance - such as those on the moon.
The Supreme Court of New Hampshire ruled that setback areas cannot be included when calculating lot area for building sites and that requiring a minimum of 30,000 contiguous square feet for building lots serves a valid land use purpose.
But let's assume you want to locate a good building site near Asheville, a city surrounded by dragons, and you may not be at the end of a mountain range, but likely you are near or on a mountain or hill.
This bill requires the baiting and trapping of rats on a building site, prior to the issuance of a building permit.
The buildings will be handed over in phases, with two buildings in each stage: Stage 1: Building site 5 and 6 Stage 2: Building site 3 and 4 Stage 3: Building site 1 and 2.
I AM surprised at the comments by Labour Cllrs Bernie Taylor and Denise Rooney who represent Ayresome Ward Middlesbrough - regarding Bellway Construction's apparent neglect of their building site at Acklam Green.
THE family of Conley Thompson whose body was found on a building site have hit back at criticisms about the seven-yearold playing out unsupervised.
NO suspicious circumstances surrounded the death of seven-year-old Conley Thompson, whose body was found on a South Yorkshire building site, police said.

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