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The act or process of making better.
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Gain on Sales of Land and Building Improvements: The Company views the non-operating gains associated with the sales of the land and building improvements at Mission Bay to be a discrete item.
Owners report significant business benefits from their investments in high performance building improvements, including ROI increases of 13 percent for office buildings, 18 percent for healthcare facilities and 15 percent for higher education buildings.
Level of financial support: 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of pounds 15,000 Community and Prominent Buildings Grant The grant assists with costs for external building improvements.
Cohen added, "Our goal is to always deliver an exceptional real estate product for our tenants and all of our property's residents will soon reap the benefits from our announced building improvements through cost savings and environmentally sound living conditions.
Geon plans to invest approximately $5 million in building improvements at the site.
Based on a multi-year facilities plan, Lincoln's capital needs appear manageable and continue to focus on open space preservation and municipal building improvements.
Prequalification are invited for Architect Engineer Design Services for Building Improvements.
Compared to other building improvements, an energy upgrade is a low-risk investment that can pay dividends right away and for years to come.
5 million of building improvements at Alcester Grammar School and Alcester High School Technology College.
Nike's commitment to this property is highlighted by the Company's significant investments in building improvements and its expansion of the property twice, during its occupancy.
Proceeds will finance water, sewer, and police building improvements.
The building improvements were necessary for the fire station to meet Board of Health codes and meet handicap-access guidelines.

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