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A psychotomimetic agent isolated from the venom of certain toads (family Bufonidae) and also present in several plants; one of the active principles of cohoba; raises the blood pressure by vasoconstrictive action and produces psychic effects, including hallucinations.
Synonym(s): mappine


(byo͞o′fə-tĕn′ēn, -ĭn) or


A toxic hallucinogenic alkaloid, C12H16N2O, obtained from the skin glands of toads of the genus Bufo or from some mushrooms.


a toad toxin. A specific basic pressor principle used as a hallucinogen in experimental medicine.
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Velvet bean also contains bufotenine (a cholinesterase inhibitor) and serotonin (a brain neurotransmitter that may be involved in learning, sleep, and control of moods).
resibufogenin, bufalin, and cinobufagin) and bufotenine (a hallucinogen).
BANANAS contain bufotenine that acts on the brain to increase mood, self-confidence and possibly sex drive.