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Medical slang To 'spin' a patient’s history to facilitate a turf transfer to another’s service
Vox populi Describing someone with good muscle definition
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Despite McEwan admitting he went a "bit nuts" at half-time to get more out of his men, the Buffs bossed it.
With the Buffs relying on probably their best potter and break-builder Billy Hunter to keep them in the game, Howdon were depending on the talented Paul McHugh to take them into the final.
The Fit2 also includes a 'Social Challenge' feature for fitness buffs looking to challenge one another in fitness routines, which Samsung hopes will help create an environment for motivational and friendly competitions among its users.
Stale Surroundings and Need Video Games buffs give the Sim a Sad moodlet.
The Buffs (2-2, 0-2 Pac-12) led 3-0 and then 10-8, putting the Ducks behind in a game for only the second time this season.
IT'S all change at the top of the A Division after Stockton Buffs coasted to a 36-4 victory at Billingham Cons and rivals Hemlington went down 21-19 at The Priory.
Unlike movie buffs, D-buffs are not only passionate about films but also fervently devoted to collecting huge libraries of high-quality DVDs, most of which are pirated.
Q WHERE does the expression "Steady the Buffs," meaning to stay calm and persevere, originate?
I wanted to fly -- fly to the moon, fly to the planets, I wanted to be a spaceman,'' said Larry Alger, 54, of North Hollywood, one of more than 1,000 fantasy and sci-fi buffs who converged Friday for LOSCON 33, a three-day convention steeped in the pages of Robert A.
JIMMY McQUADE and Jim Ward are celebrating four wins on the trot since taking charge of Kilwinning Pint-sized midfielder Joe Geoghegan's hat-trick helped Buffs to a 4-2 victory over Troon.
Abrasive belts are 4000mm long and buffs are 960mm diameter, both much larger than is usual for manual operations.
This is the same material that's used with fiberglass and it buffs out beautifully.