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Medical slang To 'spin' a patient’s history to facilitate a turf transfer to another’s service
Vox populi Describing someone with good muscle definition
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Bryan Boylan thought he'd scored for Buffs in 40 minutes but was ruled offside.
Brent Aisbitt restored the Buffs' lead - only for Jamie Thompson to again bring the score level.
Samsung unveiled its newest line of devices designed for fitness buffs and sports enthusiasts alike with the Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX.
Charlottesville Food: A History of Eating Local in Jefferson's City is at once a food guide and a travel and history title, so it could be challenging to neatly catalog and categorize its audience: does one appeal to American history buffs, culinary readers, or travelers to Charlottesville?
- Stale Surroundings and Need Video Games buffs give the Sim a Sad moodlet.
The Buffs (2-2, 0-2 Pac-12) led 3-0 and then 10-8, putting the Ducks behind in a game for only the second time this season.
IT'S all change at the top of the A Division after Stockton Buffs coasted to a 36-4 victory at Billingham Cons and rivals Hemlington went down 21-19 at The Priory.
Movie buffs will get the chance to quiz directors from a triple bill of films being screened at The Pavilion in Downtown Dubai this month.
During the heyday of China's disc piracy, there emerged a distinctive subculture of pirate consumers who self-identified as "disc buffs" (Die-you) or simply "D-buffs" (D-you)--"D" refers to both "disc" (die) and "piracy" (daoban).
Q WHERE does the expression "Steady the Buffs," meaning to stay calm and persevere, originate?
STUPID AMERICAN HISTORY: TALES OF STUPIDITY, STRANGENESS, AND MYTHCONCEPTIONS blends humor and American history ideas for history buffs, covering myths, legends and quotes that are famous--and misleading.
JIMMY McQUADE and Jim Ward are celebrating four wins on the trot since taking charge of Kilwinning Pint-sized midfielder Joe Geoghegan's hat-trick helped Buffs to a 4-2 victory over Troon.