buffering agents

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buffering agents

substances which when ingested induce alkalosis and so counteract and limit reduction in pH during exercise. Important agents include sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate; the minimum dose for improvement in performance is about 2 g.kg-1 body mass. See also ergogenic aids; appendix 4.4 .


the action produced by a buffer.

buffering agents
amongst other uses these substances play a part in dairy cattle nutrition by helping to prevent damaging ruminal acidity on high grain rations. Sodium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide are the preparations most commonly used.
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For example, Ascriptin, an adult treatment for minor aches and pains that debuted in 1955, is now available in four varieties: regular- and maximum-strength, which contain different doses of aspirin, calcium carbonate and the buffering agents found in Maalox; arthritis pain, with the same dose of aspirin as regular-strength, but with extra Maalox buffering ingredients, and enteric, containing aspirin, but formulated as coated caplets, and available in low-dose and regular-strength formulas introduced in 1996.
In addition to this, the natural buffering agents in the soil (the so-called acid-neutralizing capacity) have been heavily depleted in the Appalachians by acid rain, and the release of aluminum into rivers along the eastern seaboard could threaten those fish that swim upstream to spawn.
The abundance of these 2 mineral buffering agents (CaC[O.
a European specialty pharmaceutical company, today announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement granting exclusive rights to Norgine to develop, manufacture and commercialize prescription immediate-release ZEGERID([R]) products incorporating the proton pump inhibitor omeprazole in combination with one or more buffering agents in specified markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.