buffalo type

buf·fa·lo type

term used to describe the distribution of a fat deposit seen posteriorly over the upper thoracic spine; seen in hyperadrenocorticalism (Cushing syndrome).
Synonym(s): buffalo hump
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Additionally, using [([delta][mu]).sup.2] genetic distance, we estimated a divergence time of 1.7 million years between swamp and river buffalo that strongly supported distinct genetic origins for the two buffalo types. (Key Words : Buffalo, Cattle, Microsatellite, Genetic Diversity, Divergence)
The individuals from different populations within the two buffalo types, however, clustered together and no sub-groups could be recognized, indicating relatively close genetic relationship between them.
Using cattle as an outgroup, it is possible to estimate the divergence time between the two buffalo types. Paleontological evidence (Savage and Russell, 1983) indicated at least 10 million years of divergence between cattle (Bos) and Asian buffalo (Bubalus).
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