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Medical slang To 'spin' a patient’s history to facilitate a turf transfer to another’s service
Vox populi Describing someone with good muscle definition
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The current management and directors of Buff Dubs will remain in place and shall continue to oversee the operations and growth of the company.
In early November 2014, Art Buff and the bricks on which it was painted were cut out of the wall of the amusement arcade and removed from the building, with the involvement of an art dealer.
If your car buff is on their first car, they won't have as many of the essentials that other car owners will have.
When we went to cut up the buff Roberto refused to get out of the car to have his photo taken with his trophy.
Driving the famous SVA Cosworth Nissan 350z, Buff won, and also took the crown, here last year, and wasn't going to go down without a fight.
Wilmers Fire Buff of the Year Award from the International Fire Buff Associates.
The account of the war, including the Battle of the Bulge, is gripping and detailed enough to please any military history buff.
FOUR Buff Orpington chickens have moved to Mary Arden's House, near Stratford, to join other rare breed animals on the organic farm.
If you grit your teeth when it's time to wax and buff those rustic hardwood floors, you might want to try Jan Hume's system: "The Young People's Buffing Party.
A typical robot cell consists of an industrial robot with it's own easy to programme software, a central controller and one or two abrasive belt or buff heads and a pallet magazine.
DRUNKEN revellers shocked onlookers this week by strutting outside the Buffs social club in north Belfast - in the buff
The American Buff goose is one of only two breeds of geese to be developed in North America (the other is the Pilgrim).