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budgerigar, budgie

budgerigar fledgling disease
a polyomavirus infection of young psittacines that causes failure of feather growth, hepatic and renal necrosis, and sometimes death.
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The charity said budgies have specialist needs which can be challenging to meet in the home.
One of the budgies was in a collapsed state at the bottom of the cage, and on veterinary advice, had to be put down.
Budgies are very easy to keep and as a member of the parrot family they can be good talkers and, as the Examiner pointed out, they are social birds.
The budgie remembers the scent of cattle flanks sizzling in liquefied garlic.
As for budgies they have them sussed with eight of their own at home.
AoThere are no holidays when you are a professional,Ao said Budgie about MohammedAAEs training schedule while other national team players are enjoying an off-season break.
The two men, who wore beanie hats and scarves and were armed with an auctioneer's-style hammer as they ransacked the pensioner's home, threatened the elderly woman using her own walking stick before killing her budgie and escaping with around pounds 150.
The more I think about it the option of starting off with a pet budgie might be one of the best options.
People from three continents have been eager to buy the victim a new budgie, South Wales Police said yesterday.
The inagural awards ceremony for the Budgie Low Cost Airline Awards, organised by Terrapinn, took place on Tuesday (18 September).
The band's drummer, Budgie, a k a Pete Clark, says one reason they reunited was as a gesture to longtime supporters.