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budgerigar, budgie

budgerigar fledgling disease
a polyomavirus infection of young psittacines that causes failure of feather growth, hepatic and renal necrosis, and sometimes death.
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Once the budgerigar studies are over, birds can either be sold or given away to students or interested families and the aviary closed or dismantled for future use or removed.
The objective of the present paper was to described the morphological features of the tongue of budgerigar, comparing it to other species of birds described in the literature.
1,2) This organism was first described, and correctly diagnosed as a yeast and a pathogen in budgerigars (Melopsitiacus undulatus) in the early 1980s.
The hotel handed the budgerigar over to police, who put it in a cage and transferred it to a nearby police station.
January 3, 1952: When fire broke out in the cellar of Briar Court Children's Home, Lindley, the first thing the 30 children did was rescue Candy, their budgerigar.
The break-in happened the night before the annual Cornwall Budgerigar Show where Penmead Pride was champion last year.
Robert Hughes, 34, who organised the annual Gwynedd Budgerigar Society Open Show, said: "The birds were spread across the hall.
Aside from being chirpier than a budgerigar on pep pills, the former CITV presenter has an extensive background in showbiz.
SOUTH PORT: Southport Budgerigar Society is running a show at St Cuthbert's primary school, Halsall, on Sunday, June 24.
The six-year-old white and marmalade moggy hit the headlines last year when he caught a fleeing budgerigar in his jaws.
Damien Keely of the 60-member Eire Budgerigar Society called on the Government to ease the regulations so that members of the society can go to the annual Doncaster Show in England.