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buddhi (bōōdˑ·dhē),

n in Sanskrit, intellect, the faculty responsible for discriminating between good and bad.
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He joins Chief Scientist Jason McPherson (PhD), Data and Insights Strategists Steven Huang and Chloe Hamman, and Data Scientist Buddhi Jayatilleke (PhD).
Dr Buddhi moved to Arnhem Land from Sydney in 2011 to roll out a government health program aimed at eradicating scabies among Aboriginal children.
The police have registered cases against Lala Meer and Buddhi Lal of Gangaghat area and arrested them.
English) and Vikaskaleh Vipreet Buddhi (Hindi) are the first comics anthologies on development published by WCI in 2005.
Buddhi itself exists beyond the constraints of space and time" (p.
The Buddhi Prasad Acharya, the company s Officiating MD, has revealed that they are trying their level best in order to improve the quality of their service.
Before entering upon a few disagreements or suggestions for improvements, I mention the two outright mistakes I have come across: Olivelle inadvertently failed to translate the word buddhi at Baudhayana 1.
The place to find Sri Lankan designer range is Buddhi Batiks at 32 Wand Place.
But Dr Buddhi Ranjan Yapa Abeywardena, who claimed he didn't believe there were anything wrong in taking the sordid snaps, has been hit with a string of strict working conditions by medical chiefs.
Joining him is David Odhiambo, Buddhi Pradhan, Sarika Siva Prasad, Richard Smith, Ian Ramage and Courtney Young in the panel for 2014.
Phase change materials (PCMs) represent a possible solution that may reduce peak loads and thermal energy consumption in buildings due to their good insulation properties and their thermal inertia related to the phase change phenomenon (Tyagi, Buddhi 2007; Halawa et al.
Quoting Buddhi Bahadur Khadka, a spokesperson at the ministry, Nepal media reported, "Hereafter, demand for workers at below the minimum wage will not be accepted.