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Max, German ophthalmologist, 1895-1969. See: Reis-Bücklers corneal dystrophy.
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(OTC: CGIP) has disposed of its A and S Kinard and Buckler Transport subsidiaries in an all cash transaction, the company said.
Melloy, Buckler was injured while he used an impact-based rock crusher at a surface-gravel mine.
The Buckler Speed Ratchet effectively secures barges together for travel on waterways.
Highland Council's Thomas Prag added: "We hope Wash Buckler's visit encourages many more people to look for adventure in the Highlands."
The big enemy then was Spain but it was the threat from France 250 years later that was to lead to the emergence of the village of Buckler's Hard, a few miles away on the Beaulieu River.
Widow Amanda Buckler is heartbroken after burglars stole items of huge sentimental value PICTURE: Peter Bolter (c)
It might well have worked, but Buckler admitted Trenchant had been with him "only about ten days" and that "Alan had him fit and in great condition".
Buckler seeks reasons for why Gypsies and local officials in northern England are not able to reach agreement on what seem tractable, if not easy, conflicts even when everyone is clearly making a sustained effort to do so.
The project team includes Ed Buckler, a plant geneticist at the ARS Robert W.
Since its publication in 1952, these somewhat irreconcilable possibilities, along with Ernest Buckler's challenging prose style, have inspired uneasiness--often verging on outright exasperation--even in readers who regard it as, on the whole, a great novel.
This is the village of Buckler's Hard, and the indentations are where for about 100 years to the end of the Napoleonic Wars some of Britain's biggest naval ships were built, as well as lots of smaller vessels.