buccal shelf

buc·cal shelf

(bŭkăl shelf)
Broad flat surface of the posterior mandible buccal to the teeth or alveolar ridge that provides denture support.
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For the mandible, the primary stress-bearing area is buccal shelf area and relieving area is a sharp mylohyoid ridge and the crest of alveolar ridge.
6 round bur in the palatal region, and 1 mm thick base-plate wax covers mandibular ridge except buccal shelf area and retromolar pad (Figure 1) [1].
This suggested that the buccal shelf area should be moderately compressed and may be a primary stress-bearing area, and this was in agreement with earlier reports on the complete denture.
With the V-shaped ridge, that ridges may be quite narrow buccolingually, the wax spacer should also cover the ridge crest and make buccal shelf stops that will provide stability to the mandibular tray during the final impression making.
The buccal shelf areas were inadequate in size to provide the denture with support.