buccal cusp

buc·cal cusp

(bŭkăl kŭsp)
Elevation of the crown of a tooth located toward the cheek. May be single, as on a premolar or multiple, as on a molar. If multiple, designated as to mesial or distal (e.g., mesiobuccal or distobuccal.
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Look over casts--notice how the bicuspids and molars have elongated--even the mesio buccal cusp of the upper six year molar has tipped occlusally.
18) The researchers created class V lesions in 40 extracted teeth, restored them with resin composites, and then subjected the teeth to 150 Newtons of occlusal pressure on the buccal cusps, lingual cusps and central fossae.
2006] and included; the contact point between adjacent teeth, cusp tips of the canines, buccal cusps of first and second premolars and mesiobuccal cusps of the first permanent molars.
In the transverse dimension, the molar teeth intercuspate in such a way that the buccal cusps of the maxillary teeth are lateral or buccal to the buccal cusps of their mandibular counterparts.