buccal cusp

buc·cal cusp

(bŭkăl kŭsp)
Elevation of the crown of a tooth located toward the cheek. May be single, as on a premolar or multiple, as on a molar. If multiple, designated as to mesial or distal (e.g., mesiobuccal or distobuccal.
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Occlusal plane tilt###the difference between distances from line bisecting buccal cusp tip of the right
Four finite element mathematical models were created with mesial-occlusal-distal-palatal (MODP) cavity with a 2 mm intact tooth structure above the cement-enamel junction in two designs with and without a 2 mm buccal cusp reduction.
A calibrated reference crown with a 30[degrees] inclination of the buccal cusp to the vertical axis was prepared in wax to obtain similar crown dimensions in all specimens.
Inter-1/4urst premolar width: Measurements were made between the buccal cusp tips of right and left 1/4urst premolars.
In clinical orthodontics curve of Spee refers to an occlusal curve of mandibular teeth running tangent from buccal cusp tips of posterior teeth to incisal edges of anterior teeth1,15.
The relative position of the IOF in relation to the upper teeth was recorded either as in line with the same vertical axis passing through the cusp tip of the upper canine, or buccal cusp tip of the upper first premolar, or second premolar, or mesiobuccal and distobuccal cusp tips of the first molar or as lying in the vertical axis passing between the canine and the first premolar or first and second premolar or second premolar and first molar (Figure 1).
The cavity received a further 2.0 mm high reduction of the buccal cusp (Figure 1(a)) and was then restored by two different types of restorations (Figure 1(b)):
Expansion was completed when the palatal cusp of the maxillary first molars touched buccal cusp of the mandibular first molars (14 days after the onset of expansion, on average).
The mesowear-I method is based on two major attributes named buccal cusp shape (either the paracone or metacone) and cusp relief developed by attrition and abrasion for estimating average life long diet of ungulates (Kaiser and Solounias 2003; Franz-Odendaal and Solounias 2004).
To obtain sufficient reproducibility of the molar alignment in the images, the teeth did not overlap each other interproximally, and the buccal cusp tip of each molar was superimposed on the corresponding lingual cusp tip.
The selected points were: the midincisal points of the incisors, the canine's cusp tips, the buccal cusp tips of the premolars, and the distobuccal cusp tips of the first molars (Fig.
Look over casts--notice how the bicuspids and molars have elongated--even the mesio buccal cusp of the upper six year molar has tipped occlusally.