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An instrument made of some flexible material, such as bristles, attached to a handle or to the tip of a catheter.
[A.S. byrst, bristle]
A disposable device with synthetic ‘whiskers’, used to gently scrape cells from mucosal surfaces


Cytology A disposible with synthetic 'whiskers', used to scrape cells from mucosal surfaces. See Endocervical brush.


An instrument consisting of flexible bristles attached to a handle or to the tip of a catheter.


An instrument made of some flexible material, such as bristles or filaments, attached to a handle or to the tip of a catheter.


a bushy tail in dogs.

Patient discussion about brush

Q. do you know what are the pros and cons of the Sonic toothbrush from Oral B (electric tooth brush)? last night, my best friend raved about it for a whole hour. My dentist told me to use a soft brush (number 35) to clean my teeth and that the electric brushes are a bit over rated. My friend specifically told me about the Sonic product and told me that it also makes his teeth whiter. I wanted to know if anybody has any knowledge or experience from first hand about this product or any good information about it.

A. Thank you for the frank answer. I wonder if I can find a really soft electric toothbrush

Q. I wanne know why my breath is smelth,when i am sleeping and specially in mornings.i brush morning on my tongu I always must chewing sth , while my mouth is empty , my breath is bad smell.i`m im 39 aging and i have this problem from when I was a teenage person

A. Bad breath in most of the cases happens because of problems with mouth or teeth (like bacteria between your teeth or on the back of your tongue). You may consult a dentist to see if there is a problem that can be treated. You can also try to eat a good breakfast with fibers, drink water, chew gum for a several minutes, gargling with mouthwash or brush the back of your tongue and see if these things helps.

You can read more about bad breath here (


A. I agree with Dagmar you can loose some hair each day. But if you are loosing quite a bit you might want to see a specialist such as a dermatologist. Also make sure you don't have a thyroid condition. You can loose hair if you have an overactive or an underactive thyroid. I don't know how old you are but age is also a major factor as well.With the onset of perimenopause, Women tend to have thinning hair or they can loose some of their hair as well.

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The new 40V Max Trimmer & Edger features a durable, high-efficiency brushless motor that provides more power and up to 30 per cent longer runtime than its bestselling predecessor.
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He covers the mathematical modeling and characteristics analysis of brushless direct-current motors, simulating motor drives, speed control for motor drives, analyzing and reducing torque ripple, sensorless control of motor drives, and realization of drives.
Key features include a color touch screen, compact design, a brushless motor, a splice table and fine adjustment.
In recent years, there has been rapidly-increasing demand in Japan and other parts of Asia for 8-bit microcontrollers with brushless DC motor control for small system control use, for home applications, OA equipment and industrial instruments.
It is divided into three parts: fundamentals of permanent magnet synchronous and brushless dc machines, power devices, and inverters; permanent magnet synchronous motor drives; and brushless dc motor drives.
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The slide is driven by a brushless AC servomotor with rack and pinion gearing, and its range of movement is managed by programmable software limit switches with a safeguard of mechanical stops if these switches are overrun.
Helical rack-and-pinion drives and digital AC brushless motors power the major linear axes.