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BRUSH off all the soil on potatoes you intend to store, or they'll go soft.
Brush off caked-on or dried-in dirt with your hands.
This novice lost a king's ransom of the little white beggars amidst a sea of brush off the fairways.
But it's certainly proving to be a valuable tool to reach major corporations that brush off the threat of (unlikely) government action or a day or two of bad publicity.
Mr Blair yesterday sought to brush off the attack, saying the diplomats were 'perfectly entitled to criticise', while Foreign Secretary Jack Straw warned of the danger of driving a wedge between Europe and the US.
To remove defective CSPs and BGAs, heat the component and the encapsulant to 220[degrees]C, then scrape or brush off encapsulant residues.
Adding to his post-traumatic stress, American society itself was no less changed: no longer automatically supporting their fighting men, many people in their revulsion against the war tended to denigrate their experiences and brush off their sufferings.
After a week, take out each apple slice and brush off as much salt as possible.