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The other common symptoms include personality changes, easy bruisability, and cutaneous steriae.
For dermatologic conditions, the symptoms noted were skin discoloration, easy bruisability, skin rashes, skin itchiness, blisters, skin lesions, cuts, alopecia, pallor, sweating, and nail changes.
He had typical features of steroid dependence like moon facies, central obesity, thin extremities, pedal edema and easy bruisability.
Cushing's syndrome patients present with increased body weight, truncal obesity with buffalo hump, easy bruisability, cutaneous striae, oedema, hypokalemia, glucose intolerance.
Abrasion and easy bruisability of genital mucosa enhancing susceptibility to HIV infection is another reason that has been offered.
Ehlers first noticed the easy bruisability of the skin.
She had undergone tooth extractions without bleeding and did not suffer menorrhagia, epistaxis or easy bruisability.
13 TS yes 14 TC yes 15 TC yes 16 ketaconasole/TS yes 17 aminoglutetimid following 18 following following 19 TC yes 20 TS yes (*)Truncal obesity, buffalo hump, plethorea, violesance stria (>1cm widht), easy bruisability.
Protein catabolism was evident in the form of striae, easy bruisability, muscle weakness, and cuticular and pulp atrophy.
Clinically, the photoaging component of skin aging accounts for the development in sun-exposed areas of wrinkling, mottled hyperpigmentation and depigmentation, coarsening of the skin, roughness, poor elastic recoil, and bruisability.
Easy bruisability is accentuated in people who have had heavy sun exposure.