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Xenakis is very clear in the preface of the score of N'Shima: "The melodic patterns of N'Shima are drawn from a computer-plotted graph as result of Brownian movement (random walk) theory that I introduced into sound synthesis with the computer in the pressure versus time domain.
As is well known, in physics, Brownian movements are small, chaotic movements of molecules suspended in a liquid or a gas, which result from their collision with the surrounding molecules--whether we can hear Xenakis's Brownian movements as good metaphors for the Brownian movements of physics is another question
It is also the one in which the Brownian movements (in the sense of Xenakis's instrumental music) produce sounds that can be compared--using of course another metaphor--to the sounds produced by such probabilistic methods.
t], like Heston model with correlation coefficient [rho] between two Brownian movements.
09, which indicates that underlying asset price volatility will move around 30% within a long period, and correlation coefficient [rho] of two Brownian movements will be around -0.
In the model, [rho] is the risk source of stock index risk source and stock index volatility square, that is, the correlation coefficient between two Brownian movements d[W.
Therefore, Brownian movements of the antioxidant molecules are much faster than those of the nanocrystal ZnO particles.
Whereas the first two eras are named after historical figures (Party leaders Edward Gierek and Wojciech Jaruzelski) symbolic of Polish politics in the 1970s and eighties, the third, with its allusion to Brownian movements or heroin ("brown sugar"), refers to someone or something representing a totally different order.