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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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New Delhi [India], Feb 28 ( ANI ): Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi on Wednesday assured that guilty in the Muzaffarpur hit and run case will be brought to book.
The police spokesperson expressed optimism that the hoodlums would be brought to book, while he expressed the command appreciation for the information that led to the victim's rescue.
S official urged South Sudan's first vice-president to ensure those who allegedly raped and looted humanitarian workers in Juba are brought to book.
Moreover, it was also reiterated that all those culprits who are allegedly involved in the phenomenon, must be brought to book.
If a rabbi botches a circumcision, he is rightly brought to book.
Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, said that a statewide joint task force has brought to book contractors who were allegedly operating illegally.
Shouldn't the same rule of law apply to those business men and women, who are brought to book for breaching safety laws, leading to someone being seriously injured or killed, only for them to open up afresh, with a clean slate and nothing more than a slight name change?
Raja, as only a pawn in the 2G spectrum scam, Ms Jayalalithaa on Monday demanded that the kingpins of the scam be brought to book.
If the rules were unambiguous right from the start, any MPs who cheated could have been easily brought to book and prosecuted like the rest of us would be in that situation.
I hope this will be concluded quickly and those people involved in incidents of violence are brought to book.
It is time these abusers of blue badges were brought to book.
Ms Wandless said she was giving evidence at Newcastle Crown Court so those responsible would be brought to book.