brood capsules

brood cap·sules

small hollow projections from the lining membrane of a hydatid cyst from which the scoleces arise.
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Histopathology of the specimen read laminated membrane and detached scolices and brood capsules. No ovarian tissue was identified.
Brood capsules and protoscoleces bud from the germinal membrane.
Kamel carried out DNA analysis of brood capsules to determine the eggs' parentage.
The primary cysts are fertile as they contain scolices and brood capsules hence, rupture of primary cyst can result in recurrence.
MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION: Sections from the both cysts showed outer laminated hyaline membrane the ecto cyst and inner granular germinal layer the endocyst, focally attached to the endocyst are brood capsules containing scolices within.
** endocyst: inner germinal layer gives rise to brood capsules (daughter vesicles), scolices
In primary multiple cysts, each cyst has a separate pericyst with brood capsule scolices and these originate from multiple larvae affecting brain after crossing the gastrointestinal tract, liver, lungs and right side of heart without affecting them.