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Parasitic index was significantly greater for infected females not carrying a brood (mean = 9.
He said residents had lodged many complaints against the unauthorised bee brood chambers.
For about 8 mo, colonies fed crickets, raw beef liver, and raw chicken liver all had similar proportions of colonies producing brood (Fig.
In our Sefton Park clan, there's a healthy brood with eight cygnets between mum and dad.
The sex ratio is defined as the proportion of the brood that is male.
Though Brood II won't be doing any sightseeing in New York City, they're singing, flying, mating and dying all throughout New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and other places not dominated by the concrete jungle.
The presence of Brood XIX in Indiana brings the number of established periodical cicada broods in the state to five (Kritsky 2004).
Fecundity combines the number of broods, brood size, egg loss, and senescence into a single value for egg production from various-size spiny lobsters in a population.
Wraysburypandora, a solid A1 performer at Newcastle and a daughter of top brood Ballymac Minnie, who has produced Green Heat, Ballymac Penske, Eye Onthe Brave to name a few, has been mated to Royal Impact.
The Dallas Zoo commissioned Firetrol Protection Systems to install a high definition video surveillance system to capture and record the live birth of "Jamie," the newest giraffe baby brood at their African Savannah exhibit.
Brood X's singing will be loudest on hot, sunny afternoons.
In the meantime, I noticed a clutch of eggs in the corner of a storage room; expecting that one of the pullets might brood them, I left them there.