intermediate bronchus

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in·ter·me·di·ate bron·chus

the portion of the right main bronchus between the upper lobar bronchus and the origin of the middle and lower lobar bronchi.
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The most common site for AFBs is the right lower bronchus or its bronchus intermedius [15].
Caption: Figure 2: Axial (a) and coronal (b) reformats of the chest CT following a contrast injection, showing a subcarinal and right hilar ill-defined soft tissue mass (white arrows) with prominent interior calcifications causing marked compression on the bronchus intermedius, right middle lobe bronchus (white arrowhead), and right inferior pulmonary vein (black arrowhead).
A subsequent CT scan confirmed a large right mediastinal bronchogenic cyst that had increased in size causing displacement of the mediastinal structures and compression of the right bronchus intermedius and middle/lower lobe bronchi (Figure 2).
A nodular, homogeneous lesion within collapsed right upper lobe in right hilum was seen obliterating upper lobe bronchus and encroaching on bronchus intermedius [Figure 1].
Bronchoscopy study revealed extraneous compression of right bronchus intermedius.
An accessory cardiac bronchus occurs in 0.08% of the population and is defined as a supernumerary bronchus arising from the inner wall of the right main bronchus or bronchus intermedius opposite to the origin of the right upper lobe bronchus.
The main utility of laser bronchoscopy is in obstructive lesions of the trachea, the left and right main bronchi, and the bronchus intermedius. Laser treatment of obstructions of segmental bronchi does improve ventilation significantly.
There was severe stenosis of the right bronchus intermedius and proximal left main stem bronchus and a hypoplastic right lung (Fig.
Right upper lobe venous drainage posterior to the bronchus intermedius: preoperative identification by computed tomography.
Another feature suggestive of lymphadenopathy on the lateral radiograph is the presence of a lobulated density inferior and posterior to the bronchus intermedius representing subcarinal and retrocarinal lymphadenopathy.
Lower border--The upper border of the lower lobe bronchus on the left; the lower border of the bronchus intermedius on the right
Bronchus intermedius is the most vulnerable part of the airway, and collapse of the right middle and lower lobes may occur.