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Flexible bronchoscopy was performed as an urgent procedure, and an intact bread tag was found lodged in the subglottis.
Four of the conventional endotracheal tubes became displaced during placement and another two during surgical lung manipulation, each requiring repositioning under flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy.
6 Bronchoscopy is a life-saving procedure for foreign body removal in emergency as a therapeutic procedure and also a diagnostic tool in the tracheobronchial tree7.
The negative predictive value of the combined test also was better than that of bronchoscopy alone (0.
Conclusion: Bronchoscopy is a safe procedure for the diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma and also for smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis.
10) Historically, rigid bronchoscope had been used to retrieve foreign bodies; however, the use of fiberoptic bronchoscopy is increasingly being pursued.
Material and Method: Flexible bronchoscopy (FB) was performed under local anesthesia via ENB technique using an electromagnetic board, microsensor probe, extended working channel and real-time reconstruction of previously acquired multiplanar computed tomography images.
After a bronchoscopy, you may have a sore throat for 48 hours.
Margaret Morley, from Batley, died in November 2008, aged 71, while undergoing a bronchoscopy, a technique to check the airways and lungs, at Dewsbury and District Hospital (DDH).
As you can see according to the indexes of BALF the improvement of the cytological indexes during the treatment by use of the method of autotransplantation was determined already after the second bronchoscopy and after the third bronchoscopy we could see almost normalization of the cytogram of BALF.
Bronchoscopy revealed a submucous hematoma in the left main bronchus, but the mucosa was intact.