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Thereafter, rigid bronchoscopies were performed as soon as possible.
In our series, 31 children fell into Grade I dyspnea and underwent early bronchoscopies. After the removal of airway FBs, PMs resolved spontaneously and all patients were discharged within a few days.
By mid-August, endoscopy staff members were refrigerating saline bottles and had stopped using ice during bronchoscopies. In addition, the contaminated ice machines were disassembled for cleaning, including disinfection using a chlorine flush and replacement of filters.
The bronchoscopy suite continued services during the period between the first patient's bronchoscopy on June 4 and the subsequent patients' bronchoscopies in July, but the absence of additional cases during that period remains unexplained.
This is the second published report of Legionella contamination in clinical specimens associated with the use of nonsterile ice during bronchoscopies. In 2007, a similar pseudo-outbreak occurred among 13 patients whose bronchoalveolar lavage specimens were contaminated with L.
Legionnaires disease pseudo-cases reported after isolation of Legionella from bronchoalveolar lavage specimens obtained during bronchoscopies at a medical center--Arizona, June-July 2008 Underlying Patient Age Admission medical no.
All bronchoscopies were performed in the operating room under general anesthesia with myorelaxant using ventilating type pediatric bronchoscope (Karl Storz) of appropriate size for child's weight and age.
It was observed that Groundnut seeds contributed the highest number--in about 28 patients out of the 80 patients who underwent bronchoscopies for foreign body bronchus.
OUTCOMES OF THE BRONCHOSCOPIES PERFORMED: (FIG4): The retrieval of foreign body and recovery of the patients was successful in 79 cases while 1 case succumbed to the procedure.
Anesthetic management based on nature of foreign body and location and Discussion: The bronchoscopies performed were either diagnostic or therapeutic.
Some of the technical difficulties and complications encountered during these bronchoscopies include the removal of Sapota seed and groundnut in two cases where they slipped during extraction at the sub-glottic area.
Table demonstrates the bronchoscopie findings from patient B, eighteen hours post inhalational injury.