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Progesterone, corticosteroids, and relaxin have been implicated in bringing about a reduction in resistance and increase in conduction in the respiratory passage due to reduced bronchomotor tone and smooth muscle relaxation.
Beta blocker namely propranolol gives effects, which outlasted the stressful interval by several hours and did not usually include an increase in bronchomotor tone.
On the other hand, it has been described that allicin has vasodilator activity independent of the synthesis of nitric oxide, ATP-sensitive K(+) channels, activation of cyclooxygenase enzyme, or changes in bronchomotor tone in the pulmonary vascular bed of the rat; meanwhile, its different metabolites do not possess this effect [26, 27].
OSA also influences the respiratory center's regulation on sleep-related bronchomotor tone and decreases the stability of airway.
Over a relatively brief periods, resistance may change with accumulating secretions or variations of bronchomotor tone, and effective respiratory system compliance changes with body position.
improvement in lung function--as inflammation subsides, resting bronchomotor tone changes and the airways spontaneously dilate; bronchodilator responses are often also better.
Inhaled anticholinergic drugs are also effective for COPD patients, since the pathogenesis of COPD is closely related to bronchomotor tone, which reflects sympathetic and parasympathetic balance [3, 4].
The rationale for using anticholinergic agents rests on the knowledge that, in healthy persons, bronchomotor tone is predominantly cholinergically mediated through the parasympathetic nervous system.